Why This Site?

This is a non-official blog that aims to provide reliable information and critical discourse for anyone interested in learning about the Transcendental Meditation program. We provide corrective, expert responses to myths and misunderstandings about the TM program propagated on the Web, and answer questions raised by skeptics—with explanations supported by scientific reference and factual evidence.

Why this blog? Everyone knows that just because something is posted on the Internet, that does not make it true. There are Websites claiming the earth is flat and astronaut Neil Armstrong never landed on the moon. Similarly, there are sites presenting a wild array of unfounded claims and accusations about the TM program—such as, there are no real scientific studies verifying the program's benefits, it's no different from relaxing in your easy chair, it's a form of mind control with dangerous effects, it's a religion or cult, or—seriously—it's a moneymaking "$3 billion empire" with plans to take over the world, aiming to convert everyone to a foreign religion without the masses even knowing they were converted—all the while secretly setting up a worldwide "Vedic theocracy" to sacrifice horses! I know, pretty funny.

Search engines collect information based on keywords and “relevant” content, not on accuracy. It’s not surprising, then, that search engines would yield a handful of disingenuous websites posing as “objective” or “skeptical,” which, in fact, have agendas and present untruths or misinformation about the TM program. (The same is often true for “Wikipedia,” an amalgam of shifting content assembled by a rotating group of “volunteer editors”—who are not required to have any expertise on a given subject.)

Both sides: The blog is called "Skeptics On TM" because it presents the most common objections to the TM program raised by skeptics, but unlike the existing "skeptical" resources, here we present both sides: scientists, medical doctors, psychologists and scholars respond to the standard criticisms.

Independent: The blog is independent because it is personally maintained by a board of advisors and contributors—people friendly to the TM program and knowledgeable about the practice—acting voluntarily and not under the auspices of any organization. Also, unlike some so-called "critical" Internet resources on the TM program, this blog is independent of (i.e., not
driven by) the extreme
bias and negativity that typifies the "anti-meditation" mindset.

Non-official: The blog is non-official because the site itself is not affiliated with or overseen by the TM organization.

For the official Transcendental Meditation program Websites, please visit
www.TM.org or see the resources link on our home page.

Submissions, comments, questions and contrasting viewpoints are invited. ENJOY!

Site editor: Tom McKinley Ball


Skeptics on TM Advisory Board:

Jonathan Shear, PhD:
Founding editor of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, and Affiliated Associate Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Commonwealth University

Peter Scharf, PhD,
Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit, Department of Classics, Brown University

David Haight, PhD: Professor of Philosophy; Chairman, Dept. of Philosophy, Plymouth State University

Patrick Pomfrey, PsyD:
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Asheville, NC

et Harwell, PhD: Clinical Psychologist, Cleveland, Ohio

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